What to Do When God Rewrites Your Life: Review and Giveaway

What to Do When God Rewrites Your Life--that’s the subtitle for Cary Schmidt’s book Off Script. I love it. Off Script. Is your life turning out exactly the way you wrote it? I doubt it. Mine isn’t.

But that’s ok, right? Because God has a way of writing the script differently than we wrote it when we were teens, like my sister blogs about here. I don’t know about you, but I'd rather have my life’s plan written by someone who knows the end from the beginning.

That’s the bottom line of Schmidt’s title. In his book, he offers ten decisions that will transform your perspective in the midst of your trial.



His story rings a bell with me, not only because he was diagnosed with cancer, but also because his news came the same time mine did: fall of 2010.

Following is a brief excerpt that perfectly goes along with the theme of this blog. He wrote:

I believe there must come a moment when you decide to step into your storm with Jesus. You can stay in the boat wishing He would “do something,” but that’s not what He’s commanding.

Step into the storm. This is the moment when you embrace His script and surrender fully to events He has ordained. This is the moment when you see the storm, not as something to be rescued from, but as something to walk through with Him. Suddenly the storm is not your torturous taskmaster, but a tool in the hand of your ultimate Master (p. 36).

Although I found myself having a hard time putting this book down, I tried to read only one chapter each day so I could focus on the topic at hand. One unique aspect of his book is that he writes it while he is going through treatment. He openly shares the good, the bad, and the ugly facts of chemo. Then he reviews the lessons God is teaching him. 

Someone at Camp Joy gave me this book a few months ago, and I'm so thankful for it!

The dear folks at Striving Together are offering a free copy of this book to one of my readers. To enter your name in the drawing, complete any of the actions listed below. Each action equals one entry.

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If you have any friends who’ve been diagnosed with cancer, this would be the perfect gift for them. Or maybe it’s not a cancer diagnosis but rather an “off-script” time. Still fitting! I’d encourage you to pick up a copy or two, read it yourself, and share it with a friend. You won’t be disappointed.