A Trusted Lot

Still in the Storm

Treatment number 6 is tomorrow (Wednesday, May 18), a change from the usual Tuesday treatments. I am grateful to report that the last treatment went pretty smoothly. Although the body seems to react differently to each treatment, the fifth treatment wasn't nearly as hard as the one before. Thank you for praying!

Before going into chemo, I've found it helps to have my mind focused on Scripture or encouraging words that are Scripturally based. Last treatment, thanks to an email from my friend Jennifer, I was thinking on the words of William Cowper's hymn "God Moves in a Mysterious Way." Powerful words that have encouraged me many times!

A few weeks ago, my sister Heather sent me some poems that she had written. Here's the one I'm thinking about now; it's entitled "A Trusted Lot" and seems to be based, in part, on Psalm 121. May it be a blessing to you too!

A trusted lot from God above,
A measure from His hand,
Is thine from Him whose name is Love
To keep at His command.

From Him Who raging seas did still
This lot to thee is giv’n.
And trusted too can be this God
Who rules oe’r earth and Heav’n.

From day to day His shade can rest
Upon thine own right hand;
And in His shadow may you find
Some light to understand.

In every step He bids you take
Along this rocky steep,
Love guides in every upward climb
For you, His precious sheep.

This trusted lot from God above,
This measure from His throne,
This portion meted out from Heav’n—
Is thine from Love Alone.