I want to squeeze three updates into one brief blog entry, and I'd say "progress" fits all three: blood work, brain workout, and blogging.

Blood Work

I was thrilled to get the results from my latest blood work. My doctor ordered a number of different tests, but the four that I am most interested in are the tumor markers as well as the CEA level. Three are in the normal range, and one is only 1/10 of a point above normal.

I personally would love to see all those numbers go a bit lower still, but I'm thankful that they are not on an upward trend.

Brain Workout Smile

I've been rather silent the last week or so regarding our vegetarian diet. I think my brain is a bit on overload gulping down all this wonderful knowledge. I'm reading so many amazing books that contain a mix of both familiar and unfamiliar information. But, the funny thing about it is now that I'm committed to eating this way, I see the loads of information in a new light. It is definitely exciting, but sometimes my brain feels like it's about to explode.

When one of my doctors told me a few months ago that my diet needed to be gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free, I tried to convince myself the key was moderation. Well, that might be the case for non-cancer patients and even some cancer patients. I'm not making that call. But deep down, I knew she was talking about being extreme, and I really didn't want to go there.

Now that we've been at this for over 6 weeks, the goal doesn't seem so crazy or wacky. I love how I feel when I eat these live, nutritious, refreshing foods. That's not to say I haven't cheated once in a while; but the cool thing is the temptations aren't staring at me from my cupboards, pantry, or refrigerator! (I don't miss the meat one bit for some reason. Haven't cheated at all there.) And did I mention my cravings are different? A big salad or that deep green juice fresh from the juicer are the things that taste delicious. Amazing how this all works!!


You don't have to look hard to find a variety of information and opinions on health and food (and please remember my disclaimer here). However, I've come across some amazing resources for the cancer patient and actually for anyone interested in healthy eating.

So I created some links on the sides of the pages here that show some of the resources that are invaluable to me. These include books, DVDs (some available for instant viewing through Amazon), kitchen tools, and various products helpful for eating healthfully. I also signed up to become an Amazon Affiliate so any purchases you make through this site can further the cause of Still in the Storm.

Thank you for all your encouraging notes and conversations! You continue to inspire me!