Our Great God

The last treatment was more taxing than the first two--the side effects longer-lasting. As you could probably imagine, nothing about chemo is pleasant, but I am thankful for God's strength, especially in my weakness! Isaiah 40:31; 2Corinthians 12:9.

There are lots of ways we can encourage one another, and there have been so many times people have put forth the effort to encourage me. (Thank you!) A few weeks ago, a friend sent me this...

You are a great God.

Your character is holy.

Your truth is absolute.

Your strength is unending.

Your discipline is fair.

Your provisions are abundant for our needs.

Your light is adequate for our path.Your grace is sufficient for our sins.

You are never early, never late.

You sent your Son in the fullness of time and will return at the consummation of time.

Your plan is perfect.

Bewildering. Puzzling. Troubling.

But perfect.

Focusing on God's character gives such peace to the soul, especially when things around us are unpleasant. I'm thankful God's ways are best and His plan is perfect. He allows each of us to go through unique situations and sometimes hardships so He can be glorified through our lives. What a blessing that we can lean on Him!