Surgery Update

Jeremiah 33:3

For those of you who’ve been looking for an update, thank you for your patience. The surgery last Monday (Jan. 31) went smoothly. I received the pathology report yesterday. The tumor was 1 cm, grade 3, ER and PR positive, and, strangely enough, HER2 negative. It’s considered a local recurrence, and they were able to obtain clear margins. Although the surgery was more painful than expected, I appreciated the pain meds to get me through the first day or two.

I also had an MRI last Thursday. It confirmed the questionable spot (in the pelvic area) that showed up on the PET scan to be a cyst.

The last couple weeks have held numerous appointments, and going to Northwestern (downtown Chicago) seems to turn into an all-day affair, especially when trying to combine tests with doctor’s visits. The children don’t always “appreciate” my being gone, but it is sweet to hear Matthew pray for “mommy’s cancer to be all gone.” At the beginning of this ordeal, when I’d return from a doctor’s appointment, he would ask, “Mommy, is your cancer all gone now?”

Opportunities have been plentiful to explain to the children that God allowed this cancer, and He is the Great Physician. I would appreciate your prayers for Matthew and Joanna as sometimes their lives are a bit topsy-turvy with appointments, tests, and treatments.

We would also appreciate your prayers for some important decisions we must make these next few days. I’m thankful for the promise that jumped off the page yesterday in my Bible reading: “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not” (Jeremiah 33:3). Sometimes all we can do is call upon God, then simply be still and wait for Him to show us His great and mighty ways.