Surgery Again

Dan's picture of a flower from my birthday bouquet

Thank you for praying for me. Since my last update, I have seen the Lord open up doors, impart wisdom, provide for needs, and calm me with His peace. When the findings of the last PET scan were shared with me, so many thoughts and questions filled my mind.

At first glance, it appeared that the cancer had spread, and it’s amazing how your life can flash before you. When I pondered the possibility of my cancer being stage 4, it was a bit overwhelming. Honestly, the most sobering thoughts were thinking of my children growing up without their mother to love and care for them. But God’s Word reminds me that the Creator of the universe is in complete control, and I can rest in Him. (In case you missed this update, further testing on that area seemed to indicate it was benign.)

Pathology reports from the surgeries in September indicated that the cancer was all removed, but a lump was found near the original tumor site a couple months after surgery. This showed up on the PET scan in January, and the oncologists and surgeons I’ve seen have all recommended that it be removed.

I was waiting to schedule the surgery until after my appointment with a surgeon at Northwestern. The surgeon there agreed with the other doctors regarding the procedure so then the question came of which surgeon to choose. The Lord clearly directed as I sat down to make some phone calls this week.

I felt led to pursue the surgeon I saw at Northwestern, and when I reached the scheduling nurse, she informed me that Dr. Khan was booked until February 10. She said she would make some phone calls and get back to me. When the phone rang a few minutes later, she informed me of an opening less than a week away: this coming Monday, January 31. It was reassuring to see the Lord work out those details!

I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom for Dr. Khan and the team present during my surgery. Please pray for God to guide their hands and for the cancer to be completely removed. God is able!

This morning I was encouraged by Exodus 13:17-18 where God said that He did not choose the nearest way for the children of Israel. Instead, He led them by the Red Sea, a journey that would take much longer. In our days of GPS-guided travel, we might be irritated by such an out-of-the-way route to our destination. However, God’s way proved to be the best way for the Israelites. He miraculously parted the Red Sea and destroyed the enemy. How reassuring it is to rest in the God who is still in control of the universe! He is the One whose ways are always best.