Roller Coaster Week

This has certainly been a week with lots of ups and downs! Saturday, I reviewed the PET scan results with one of my doctors. We had already been suspicious of a 1 cm tumor that was found about seven weeks after surgery. As expected, this spot did show up on the PET scan, and the oncologist wants it removed as soon as possible. That should be a minor surgery.

The delay and scare came when a 2 cm spot was found in the pelvic area. The metabolic rate was suspiciously high, and one of my doctors was pretty confident it was cancer. However, my oncologist ordered further tests, and just a couple hours ago I was able to speak to him about the results. The suspicious area appears to be cystic and needs to be watched closely. This news was certainly a relief!

Further, I’ll be heading to Northwestern next week for a second opinion on the latest events. They’ve asked for all my records ahead of time, including imaging from all tests and pathology slides from surgery. Their team will thoroughly review everything, including these most recent tests. It will be most helpful to have a second set of trained eyes examining my case.

An area of concern the last couple months has been with one of the tumor markers in my blood work. Normal range is between 0 and 9. Mine was 18 a few weeks after surgery then 24 a couple weeks later. A week or so after treatments finished in Georgia, it went down to 9.9--almost in normal range! We were relieved to get that news this week (there had been a delay in getting the results from the lab to the doctor). God knew we needed some good news after the initial scare from the PET scan results. And we know His timing is perfect.

Last night, I heard a preacher on the radio summarize Philippians 4:6 with these phrases: Worry about nothing; pray about everything; and be thankful for anything. Certainly excellent reminders for us as we travel the unique paths God has chosen for our lives!