The News

It was 4:12 pm on August 30, 2010, when the phone rang. “Hello, this is Melissa.” I stated.

“Oh, Melissa, this is Dr. D--. I thought you were out of town.”

“Yes, I’m in Georgia, but I had my home phone forwarded to my cell.”

“What a bright idea! I should do that when I leave town," he exclaimed then paused in his customary way. "Well, I have the results here from your biopsy. It was positive.”

“Positive for cancer?” My mind was begging absolute clarity for the words I was hearing.

“Yes, I was really surprised,” he went on. " And I'd really like you to come back this week so you can meet with a surgeon and get the process started."

And he wasn’t the only one who was surprised. Of course when I was told I’d need a biopsy on the lump I had found two days previous, I was a bit unsettled. But my OB had tried to assure me, “First let me tell you, it’s probably benign. But I’d like you to get it checked out.”

Since we were leaving in two days for a two-week trip to Georgia, he insisted that I get in the next day for a mammogram. Little did I realize that the quick office visit was going to turn into a four and a half hour visit that included ultrasounds, mammograms, a biopsy, and more mammograms.

The biopsy itself raised a number of questions in my mind, but I did my best to think positively and not focus on what could be. However, the nagging pain from the biopsy now concerned me, and it wasn’t something I could ignore.

We left for Georgia the next evening, anticipating a pleasant time in the South while Dan and his crew finished up the contract with the National Park Service. That was Saturday, and little did I know how God was going to prepare us for the trial ahead.