A Gift of Great Value

A friend just sent me an email. I’m simply amazed at the richness of its content.

She wrote, “You are often in my thoughts and prayers, and I continually pray that God will…

  • Uplift you,

  • Give you peace beyond human understanding,

  • Give you the measure of His strength that you find yourself in need of every day; 

  • Perfect you in your weakest moments;

  • Guide you when you feel you have lost your way;

  • Soothe you with the Balm of Gilead when you are hurting;

  • Comfort you when you feel alone;

  • Nurture you when you are hungry and thirsty for Him to speak to you, and

  • Use you and the circumstances He has brought into your life to make a difference in the lives of others.”

In this season of giving gifts and spending time with loved ones, can you think of a better gift you can give to one whom you care about? Meaningful prayer with a God-ward focus. 

I’ve included this prayer in PDF format here. Perhaps you’d like to do what I did: print and post it, or put it in your prayer journal to use as you pray for those you love.

And maybe you can go one step further and follow my friend’s selfless example who not only prayed but also told me how she was praying.

No doubt this holiday season, there’s a heart that’s heavy, a family that’s needy, someone who needs some prayer and encouragement. Will you be the one to brighten their day?