Encouraging Words

The Lord has been sending me special blessings in my mailbox. Today I was astounded by people’s kindness and generosity. A dear relative sent a gracious gift. Friends from church sent cards. Old friends sent a card for me and Dan along with coloring books and stickers for the children. And a class of eighth graders (whom I didn’t even know) sent 13 creatively designed cards to brighten my day.

I knew the teacher’s parents (Ron and Barbara Allen) but had only met Kimberly once. Indeed the trial she endured when her husband was taken home to glory after his battle with cancer gave her an increased understanding of how to encourage those facing this dreaded disease. As I read through the mail today, the tears came again. They seem to do that more frequently these days, but that’s all right. I guess it’s all part of the process. And the Lord gives strength and comfort as I face the array of emotions.

More encouraging words as I opened up the song book to play the piano...not the easiest task these days. (Some peripheral nerves were damaged during surgery, and movement in the upper arm is extremely limited.) The pages fell to “How Can I Fear?” by Ron Hamilton. This song that once seemed so childish on the early “Patch” recordings now seemed very fitting to my trial, especially verse 2.

When I’m alone and I face the unknown,
And I fear what the future may be,
I can depend on the strength of my Friend
He walks along with me.

How can I fear? Jesus in near;
He ever watches over me.
Worries all cease; He gives me peace.
How can I fear with Jesus?

Sure, there are lots of unknowns in the days ahead. (Who hasn’t heard their share of horrifying chemo experiences?) But, there is no need to fear. In His hands, God holds my breath and all my ways (Daniel 5:23). That is a calming and comforting thought.