Encouraging Words

The Lord has been sending me special blessings in my mailbox. Today I was astounded by people’s kindness and generosity. A dear relative sent a gracious gift. Friends from church sent cards. Old friends sent a card for me and Dan along with coloring books and stickers for the children. And a class of eighth graders (whom I didn’t even know) sent 13 creatively designed cards to brighten my day.

God Sees the Big Picture

Hearing the news that I had cancer impacted me in ways I never anticipated. The strong emotions that flooded my soul came in waves, with moments of calm in between.

We called my parents and Dan's parents that evening, once we'd had a few hours to partially digest the diagnosis ourselves. Those were hard moments. Tears were shed. Words were few. Love was shown.

We pillowed our heads and poured out our hearts to the Lord. He understood our thoughts, and He heard our prayers.

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