Sometimes a Light Surprises


Sometimes a light surprises The Christian while he sings; 
It is the Lord who rises With healing in His wings...

These words were running through my mind this morning, and I thought, "How perfectly fitting for my next blog entry"--which, for quite some time, I have been trying to decide how to write.

Tracing the Rainbow through the Rain

heart and rainbowToday's randomly drawn sidewalk art (thanks to my neighbor Tina), very fitting for this entry.

Reset your Gaze

Love these words from a song I heard yesterday. They've been running through my mind the past 16 hours.

Though in the race of faith you seek relief,
Reset your gaze on Him who knows your grief. 
Rejected by the ones He came to save, 
Without complaint, His sacred life He gave.

My Father Planned it All


beautiful river

These words ministered to my heart today in a special way, and I'm compelled to share them with you.

"My Father Planned it All"
by Harriett Pierson


It’s been absolutely wonderful to be back at home with the family! We had a special Christmas together--with my family in Wisconsin and then back in Illinois to celebrate with Dan’s family. With the intense daily treatments aside for a few weeks, I’m doing my best to get back into the daily routine with the family.

Encouraging Words

The Lord has been sending me special blessings in my mailbox. Today I was astounded by people’s kindness and generosity. A dear relative sent a gracious gift. Friends from church sent cards. Old friends sent a card for me and Dan along with coloring books and stickers for the children. And a class of eighth graders (whom I didn’t even know) sent 13 creatively designed cards to brighten my day.

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