Encouraging Words

The Lord has been sending me special blessings in my mailbox. Today I was astounded by people’s kindness and generosity. A dear relative sent a gracious gift. Friends from church sent cards. Old friends sent a card for me and Dan along with coloring books and stickers for the children. And a class of eighth graders (whom I didn’t even know) sent 13 creatively designed cards to brighten my day.

This Cross

When the phone call from the doctor came, we were in Georgia, and he advised that I head back to Illinois to see the surgeon that very week. His urgency, I'm sure, was related to the fact that the biopsy revealed a high grade tumor.

Blessings on the Lord's Day

All of us have had times where we've had to exercise patience. Whether it's waiting as children for our turn at the drinking fountain after recess, or waiting as adults for people's habits to change, none of us escape the multitude of opportunites to learn patience.

Waiting for the results of medical tests was something many of you have been through, but it was a whole new experience for me. I was hoping for the best, and in the process, the Lord seemed to impress on my mind that He had a special message for me to hear that Lord’s Day.

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