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Tracing the Rainbow through the Rain

heart and rainbowToday's randomly drawn sidewalk art (thanks to my neighbor Tina), very fitting for this entry.


Quinoa. You've seen it in the stores, and (if you're like me) wondered how to pronounce it, let alone prepare it. Wonder no more. KEEN-wah. Simple. Delicious. Highly nutritious. And did you know you can buy it for a great price at Costco? Yes, ma'am!



I want to squeeze three updates into one brief blog entry, and I'd say "progress" fits all three: blood work, brain workout, and blogging.

Blood Work

I was thrilled to get the results from my latest blood work. My doctor ordered a number of different tests, but the four that I am most interested in are the tumor markers as well as the CEA level. Three are in the normal range, and one is only 1/10 of a point above normal.

Week Five of Eating Vegetarian

lentil soup
Above: Lentil Soup (my quick snack one afternoon last week)

I am happy to report I have completed over four weeks of eating vegetarian. Notice I say "happy," and I'm not joking. My taste buds are definitely adjusting, and my food cravings are completely different. They say that once you start eating very healthfully, you start craving healthy foods.

Top Five Regrets of the Dying

If you knew this were the very last month of your life, how would you live it? What would your regrets be?

Reset your Gaze

Love these words from a song I heard yesterday. They've been running through my mind the past 16 hours.

Though in the race of faith you seek relief,
Reset your gaze on Him who knows your grief. 
Rejected by the ones He came to save, 
Without complaint, His sacred life He gave.

Bright Skies

Still in the Storm

Above: Fun visit to Brookfield Zoo Jan. 31, 2012

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