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healthy chocolate chip cookies

"I can't believe these are healthy cookies," my friends say. That and, “I would make these. Send me the recipe, will you?”

So here I am today, back from a small blogging break, to share with you a fantastic recipe that a number of you have asked for.

Charming Chia Seeds

Today I want to share a simple way to add more fiber, omega-3s, antioxidants, and protein to your diet. The benefits are all wrapped in a little seed called "chia."

My guess is that you first heard about these seeds from an advertisement for cute-looking chia pets

Today we're not talking about Chia Pets though.

Disappearing Cookie Dough Balls

Disappearing Cookie Dough Balls

Are you working on replacing sugary sweets with healthy treats? Along with the Power Balls, these are some of my kids' favorites. As promised, here's the recipe for raw cookie dough balls. 

How to Help a Cancer Patient, Part 2

How to Help a Cancer Patient

Today we’re continuing to look at some practical ways to help a cancer patient. Last time we talked about three practical ideas:

  1. Send a card
  2. Pray for them (and let them know it)
  3. Take a meal.

Continuing on with another practical way to help.

Spice up the Rice

I love mixing up a jar of this ahead so it's ready to use in my rice. It’s a simple but flavorful addition! Just throw it into the rice cooker (or pot if cooking on the stovetop) with the brown rice and water. The rice comes out with a delicious flavor and the house smells great too!

My husband loves this "rice spice," especially with a homemade version of refried black beans found in this cookbook.

Indian-Spiced Lentil Soup

We shared a quart of this soup with our friends from church. It disappeared quickly, and we had a lovely visit.

I think it's time for a soup recipe again. The other day, my husband opened the fridge and asked, "Where's that soup you made?" To his dismay, it was already gone. But, ahh, I'm always listening when my husband enjoys and wants more of something. If he likes it, then I'm pretty sure you will too!

Power Balls

If you are transitioning to a more plant-based diet, you may find yourself craving a sweet snack now and then (or should I say a few times a day?).

Authentic Mexican Guacamole

organic guacamole

When we were vacationing in Mexico a few years ago, the quality of the guacamole at the restaurants was our standard of whether or not the restaurant was truly Mexican.  


spring flower

Suffering. The word is used again and again in Scripture. Merriam-Webster defines "suffer" as "to submit to or be forced to endure."

Is there a difficult circumstance that you are being forced to endure? Christ submitted himself to intense suffering for us. We have no greater example of how to respond.

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